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Gulf Spill Relief

Thanks to dyvinesweetness for her kind permission!

HI all,

My name's Heleentje. Recently, a comm has been started, gulf_aid_now, to help the folks on the Gulf Coast who are currently going without paycheques because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (and the animals who need help getting all the oil out of their fur and feathers to survive). Although BP has finally agreed to start spending money, there is still an immediate need that money will not touch, and that's what we're aiming to help with. The idea is much like the [info]help_haiti community: people can put their creative talents (e.g. writing fanfiction/drawing fanart, making icons, crocheting, making jewelry, etc.) up for auction in a designated "Auction Post". Other people bid, and the winning bidder donates their bid to a Gulf Coast charity in exchange for whatever item/service they bid on.

The second auction has started a few days ago and already we have many interesting offers! You can find the comm by clicking on the community name above or pushing this shiny button:

This post is for a couple of reasons: one, to let other fandoms know that this is going on, and also to ask that if you guys wouldn't mind, it'd be really great if you'd spread the word to your friends and any other fandoms you might be in.

Thanks so much for your attention and (forgive me if I'm presumptuous) help!

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